About Us

Just two people, in love, on a journey

March 20th, 2017 was the official launch day. We had a product that was created in our kitchen, and a fierce vision of what we wanted to do with it. We called it Fuel Fudge: Original, and the months leading up to launch day were spent tirelessly researching and buying special packing machinery, renting commercial kitchen space, designing and ordering product packaging, building a custom website, and walking through the maze of business laws - all while working our corporate 9-to-5 jobs to fund each step along the way. The big launch day arrived, and our friends and family bought from us at first, then gradually we saw some unfamiliar names become regular customers, and before we knew it we had a regular flow of daily business.

There was nothing more exciting than having others try our creation after so much hard work. But several months in we noticed more and more people voicing their opinion, and it wasn't great. Even though it hurt to hear, we both knew that we had to listen to what they were saying - it didn't taste incredible. We could've stopped right there, called that the end of our story and just had memories of the mega side-gig we started. But that's not who we are - we don't give up at the first glimpse of a roadblock, we keep going because the fire inside never stops burning.

Instead, we spent many more months in the kitchen testing new ingredients, flavors, and ideas - many of which were tossed out because they weren't perfect. But the hard work of yesterday pays off today as our story continues with several new products that we are thoroughly proud of, and we set aside our first original product as a reminder of where it all started.

That has been our journey, and we're excited for what lies ahead. We both still work our 9-to-5 jobs to help fund every major step of the business, and we'll keep it up until we can call ourselves full-time TerraFuelers. It's a long journey, and one thing you can count on is that we'll spread the love along the way, and keep trying to bring products with purpose to everyone. 
Long Journey

Who we are

Cal Collins
Cal Collins
Software Engineer by profession, entreprenuer by everything else.
Amanda Mason
Amanda Collins
Fiercely passionate about nutrition, helping others, and spreading love to the world.

About the business

Food with purpose

Look closer at what every company sells and most of the time you'll see that there's a lot that you don't want or need. We started off with transparency as a top priority and strive to bring you the best products that have a nutritional purpose.

Free shipping on all orders

We'd like to see shipping fees go away in this world. So we're leading by example and offering free shipping on all orders, both retail and wholesale.

The highest quality of standards

We operate in an FDA Certified facility and take safety and quality very seriously. We employ the top levels of cGMP standards to ensure quality and safety is never sacrificed.
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